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[April 26-29, 2021 | Online]


[Confirmed Talks]

Ferdinand Goetzen

[, The Netherlands]


The 7 Sins of Marketing – Bridging the Gap Between Old & New

The field of marketing is in a constant state of change. Over the past decade, the evolution of technology and the rise of the “lean movement” made way for new approaches to growing businesses, splitting the world of marketing into “old school” (traditional marketing) and “new school” (growth marketing). The most successful marketers manage to combine both of these schools, but they are not in a majority. This talk will focus on the “7 sins of marketers”, i.e. the most common mistakes made by both old school and new school growth marketers.

Session Keywords

# Growth Hacking
# Growth Marketing

Daniel Marote

[Hydra.Digital, Spain]


#UserLovers: Customer Experience Is an Obligation and Not an Option

The success of a brand today is to get its customers to understand in a simple way why they should choose them in front of their competitors. After almost 10 years of world economy crisis and the consequences of globalization, many companies and brands saw each other forced to adopt a business strategy based on price. That means that they entered a loop in which they put the cheapest price, and then their competitors also lowered it and so on until they lost their profit margins. Pricing strategies are usually not very viable over time since they end up being unprofitable for business.


Chris Kubbernus

[, The Netherlands]


How to Scale Content to Drive Social Media, Traffic and Sales

Content is the lifeblood of any good marketing strategy, but many brands fail at producing it at scale. Furthermore, how to use that content in the most effective way to drive business outcomes like traffic and ultimately sales.
This core issue keeping marketers up at night, is what Chris “Kubby” Kubbernus will be tackling in his keynote during Digital Marketing Europe 2020.

Session Keywords

# Social Media Marketing
# Content Marketing

Tim Cameron-Kitchen

[Exposure Ninja, UK]


How the World’s Highest Converting Websites Make their Visitors Buy

By reverse-engineering some of the world’s best-performing websites, Tim demonstrates how the same principles can be applied to small and medium-sized business websites. Audience members leave with actionable insights and a list of website tweaks to make to improve their site’s profitability.

Session Keywords

# UX
# Conversion Optimization

Bastian Grimm

[Peak Ace AG, Germany]

Supercharging SEO for E-Commerce

Are you managing SEO for an online shop or a retail offering? You are selling goods online or run your very own web shop? Bastian is sharing his top tips and best practices from 100+ technical SEO audits with the sole focus on making your e-commerce platform perform better in organic search. In his SEO session Bastian is talking about unique, e-commerce related SEO challenges such as how to handle product detail pages…

Session Keywords

# E-Commerce

Venchito Tampon Jr.

[SharpRocket, Philippines]

Where to Find Fantastic Links: Discovering Places for Content Promotion

Content is king if it is seen and consumed by your target audience. In his session Venchito will help to discover methodologies, techniques, and styles on where to find platforms and web places to promote your content in order to gain visibility, social shares, and backlinks for your content assets.

Session Keywords

# Link Building
# Content Marketing

Davide Nicolucci

[Growth Hack Consulting HK LTD, Hong Kong S.A.R.]

How to Dominate Amazon in 2021: Sellers Top Strategies & Challenges

In this session Davide will go through all the most important events and changes of Amazon Marketplace in the past months and will explain what these mean for Amazon Sellers. He will introduce some of the best strategies to stay ahead of your competition and some important mistakes to avoid.

Session Keywords

# Amazon Advertising

Wiktor Bogdanowicz

[Int4, Poland]

B2B Product Marketing With the Use of Personal Branding

A lot of businesses are tired of pitches and intrusive advertisement that have saturated the digital business environment. And that is why there is a need for a new and tried system that can successfully build the bridge of trust between businesses. Wiktor will present how Int4 employ the combination of various systems and well-structured approaches that is directed towards forming a lasting relationship with our clients. 

Session Keywords

# B2B Product Marketing
# Personal Branding

Bethan Vincent

[Netsells, UK]

Full-Funnel CRO: Optimising the Complete Customer Journey

Most CRO programmes focus on developing on-site hypothesis and tests that hopefully deliver uplifts in conversions (whether micro or macro). This approach, while valid and useful, ignores the vast majority of the marketing funnel and can lead companies to test within an echo chamber, limited by small data sets.

Session Keywords

# Lifecycle Marketing
# Conversion Rate Optimization
# Attribution

Sanjay Sauldie

[ & EIMIA, Germany]

Transruption(R) – How Key Technologies Are Changing Traditional Digital Marketing

In a digital age, with digital technologies and innovations surrounding us and a society that is growing digitally and “breathing digital air”, it is important that Digital Marketers and their customers profit from these new developments. Times are evolving, the patterns that were once traditional and gave off the highest result are not going to work anymore, that is why digital marketing businesses are advised to weave real digital concepts into their strategies.

Session Keywords

# Digital Disruption
# Digital Transformation

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