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[April 26-29, 2021 | Online]


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  • A unique opportunity to get hands-on knowledge from global experts!
  • Workshops are taking place on April 26-27. To participate, you need to get a Workshop Pass. In case you want to attend two workshops (1 per day) – you need to get 2 Workshop Passes.
  • Make sure you book the whole day – workshops are from 10 AM to 5 PM GMT+3.
  • Due to the limited availability of seats, early registration to the workshop is strongly recommended to ensure your participation – we rely on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Workshop Pass holders will receive a instructions on how to join Online Workshop week in advance. Make sure you check Technical requirements in advance.

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In this workshop you will be able to learn the importance of emotional marketing, how to differentiate using emotions, how you can create a story that includes emotions and logic. Once we have the fundamentals we will be able to go through the promotion of the brand using emotions in our content strategies.

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Why are some brands engines of growth, while others fall behind? What can you do to imprint your brand in the brain of your target customers and so they take the actions you want? What simple mistakes can spell doom for a brand?

This in-depth, hands-on workshop will answer these and many other questions about how to successfully position your brand in today’s saturated media environment. Drawing on research and extensive case studies, marketing leader, innovator and contrarian Scott Seidewitz shows how brand positioning is a science, not an art. Using proven best practices he will show you how to build a brand that is not only an engine of growth, but also a long-term competitive advantage for your business.

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This workshop will cover the concept of using communities as marketing channels (both B2B and B2C). It will look at what a community is, why we need to build communities (multiple per brand), how to build them and how to manage them and measure their success. You will work on things such as defining measurable engagement indices, added values, and more in a top-down approach…

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Setting up a Facebook campaign may seem like rocket science at first – so many different buttons and options to choose from. What do all these settings mean and how to choose between them to avoid wasting money on ads? How to even know if my campaign is successful or not?

More workshops are yet to come!

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