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[April 26-29, 2021 | Online]

Ferdinand Goetzen

Position: Growth Advisor


Country:  The Netherlands


Ferdinand Goetzen is the Director of Marketing & Growth at 3D Hubs, an on-demand manufacturing platform tipped to be one of the Netherlands’ next unicorns. He was previously the Chief Growth Officer at Recruitee, one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in Europe (ranked #21 in the SaaS1000). He has worked with hundreds of companies from Pipedrive to KLM, helping them develop and execute strategies for growth. He is an active voice in the field of Growth Marketing having previously been the Lead Trainer & Growth Marketer at the Growth Tribe Academy and regularly being featured on leading events and podcasts.


The 7 Sins of Marketing – Bridging the Gap Between Old & New

The field of marketing is in a constant state of change. Over the past decade, the evolution of technology and the rise of the “lean movement” made way for new approaches to growing businesses, splitting the world of marketing into “old school” (traditional marketing) and “new school” (growth marketing). The most successful marketers manage to combine both of these schools, but they are not in a majority. This talk will focus on the “7 sins of marketers”, i.e. the most common mistakes made by both old school and new school growth marketers.

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# Growth Hacking
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