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Ad copy is often an underutilized asset. Sarah helped companies like Strategyzer make $18.66 for each $1 spent on ads by writing more persuasive copy. While their previous ads only made $0.40 for each $1 spent on ads. It’s about having convincing ads that don’t look like an ad.

 There was the case of a SharkTank company whose ads weren’t profitable and used to think they had a targeting problem. By helping them with more persuasive ad copy, not only did they reach sought-after profitability, but they also got the most sales in a single day on Facebook.

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Getting started with a content marketing strategy for your startup can seem daunting and also a difficult process when you don’t know where to start. In this workshop, we will cover SEO guidance and recommendations for creating a well-considered content strategy for startups and small businesses including “how-to” sessions, “to do or not to do” insights, holistic content strategy approach, user needs and intent analysis, budget-friendly tools and platforms to support your journey and more. 

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According to studies, a brand with a strong purpose not only benefits society. It also strengthens relationships with consumers, employees, and other stakeholders. This workshop provides hands-on training through case studies, exercises, and discussions on how to build a purpose brand in a digital world and communicate its values effectively.

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This workshop is designed to improve Digital Marketing ROAS (Return On Ads Spent). Conduct Online Marketing Audit to assess which online marketing activities are generating the highest returns and where you are simply wasting money.

This workshop is a real opportunity to find out how to increase your online marketing ROAS by up to 15%.

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This workshop will guide you through the entire SEO journey, from researching keywords and technical SEO through to content marketing and link acquisition, built around the 4 pillars of SEO: Relevancy, Authority, Technology and UX. It is delivered in a jargon-free way to get you up to speed with both the basics of SEO as well as its most recent developments. The training is suitable for anyone interested in improving their understanding of SEO and ability to grow their organic reach.

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