Wiktor Bogdanowicz

Position: Marketing Strategist, Head of Marketing

Company: Int4

Country: Poland


For the past eight years Wiktor has immersed himself in the world of marketing, self development, mentoring and public speaking. He is presently the Head of Marketing at Int4 where he has been able to stir the ship through a better course by a milestone by creating, developing and executing the relationship marketing based strategy.

He has also had such a distinct effect virtually on all businesses in various industries and had the opportunity to work with, both home and abroad. To name but a few of such industries: B2B printing, marketing agencies or even industrial construction suppliers.

Now apart from working with organizations around the world, Wiktor has also been and still is a major Social Media Influencer, creating a pool of content on his YouTube channel for many brands that have exceeded 1.6 million views. He has spearheaded over dozens of digital campaigns across various social media platforms.

All these achievements don’t come as a surprise, as he has academically surveyed the field of Cognitive Science and also another degree in Negotiation Psychology. He is presently exploring the field of relationship marketing within and outside the premise of business.


B2B Product Marketing With the Use of Personal Branding

A lot of businesses are tired of pitches and intrusive advertisement that have saturated the digital business environment. And that is why there is a need for a new and tried system that can successfully build the bridge of trust between businesses. Wiktor will present how Int4 employ the combination of various systems and well-structured approaches that is directed towards forming a lasting relationship with our clients. By first carving out a niche for themselves, developing international product recognition via the use of personal branding, learning platforms and mentorship culture within the organization. Unlike most traditional approaches to marketing, Int4 first brings to the table value to the clients through open SAP courses, and the results have been phenomenal, from recognition, leads generation to recommendations, and brand loyalists. The unique approach centres on everybody being an independent brand ambassador. Everybody within Int4 organization is mentored, groomed and molded to cultivate their individual brands, to become product evangelists so that at the summit, everybody becomes an advertisement.

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