Yagmur Simsek

Position: SEO Strategist

Company: Re:signal

Country: Turkey


Yagmur has been working in the digital marketing industry for 6 years with experience in SEO and content strategies. Over the last years, she had worked with clients from various industries and also learned more about the startup ecosystem and startup growth. She’s currently working as a Senior SEO analyst at Re:signal company based in the UK. At Re:signal Yagmur is consulting various international clients which already gave her a chance to see very unique cases in different industries


How to Create an SEO Content Strategy for Your Startup From the Scratch: Free Templates Included

Yagmur is aiming to create a free roadmap for startups and small businesses and tell more about the steps they should be following while they are creating their website SEO content strategy from the scratch. She is planning to provide free sheets or docs as templates that she will recommend during her speech.

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# Content
# Start-ups

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