Vlad Zhovtenko

Position: CEO & Co-Founder


Country: Lithuania


Vlad Zhovtenko – CEO and co-founder at RedTrack. 
Vlad has been doing digital marketing since 2000, spending most time in performance marketing and SaaS.

Prior to RedTrack, he led the marketing team of Boston-based WorldAPP, Inc ensuring consistent growth from 0,5M ARR to 10M+ ARR and getting multiple times at Inc 500/5000 list. 
Vlad left WorldAPP to enjoy the challenges and responsibilities of running startups in ad tech / martech that combines his passion for SaaS product and digital marketing.

With 20+ marketing experience, Vlad has seen digital channels rise and demise, new technologies appear and analytics remaining discrete and incomplete. is a perfect opportunity to fulfill his plans of creating a solution for digital marketers he planned since 2004 when his first custom ad analytic tool crumbled under the volume of data and lack of appropriate technology foundation.


How Our Ecom Marketers Switch to 1st Party Data to Prepare for the Death of 3rd Party Cookies

There is a looming demise of 3rd party cookies, an important instrument behind most analytical, targeting, optimization processes of online advertising and marketing. It’s important to start switching from 3rd party data that marketers (advertisers /businesses) don’t possess to 1st party data – the one that they can store and use for further optimization decisions. Vlad will share his experience and insights on how e-commerce businesses accomplish it – on the example of RedTrack users.

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