Taylor Ryan

Position: CEO

Company: Klint

Country: Denmark


Taylor is an American entrepreneur living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

He’s a 6x Startup Founder with 14+ years of marketing and start-up experience.

Currently, Taylor runs an award-winning Digital Marketing Agency – KlintMarketing and Online Growth-Hacking Course with 6500+ graduates,

Taylor has built and run the marketing departments for some of Denmark’s most successful startups over the last 5 years. His efforts have resulted in 4 exits [1 IPO, 1 Merger, and 2 Acquisitions].

Often described as “the best growth-hacker in Denmark,” Taylor brings a unique flavor of growth-hacking and passion to European ventures.

American Entrepreneur, Founder, Growth-Hacker, Start-up Junkie, Mentor, and Public Speaker.


The Next Level of Outbound Digital Marketing – Scraping + Using Big Data + Hyperpersonalization

Tools to grab data fast;
Use cases for scraping [Content, SoMe, Outbound, Custom Audiences, Hyper Personalization];
How big data is changing the marketing landscape;
Growth-Hack pairing automation and outreach.

[Session Keywords]

# Hyperpersonalization
# Email Automation
# Growth Hacking

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