Silvina Nuñez

Position: Business Development Specialist

Company: Optimational

Country: Estonia


Silvi Nuñez is an experienced English<>Spanish translator and SEO specialist. After earning her translation degree at the University of Córdoba in Argentina, she entered the marketing world to explore her passion for digital marketing, branding, and international business development.

As part of her role at Optimational, Silvi helps brands develop multilingual content strategies to expand their global reach, generate international traffic and leads, increase international brand awareness, improve customer experience, and more.


How to Develop a Successful Multilingual Content Strategy to Meet Your International Businesses Goals

In the age of the internet, global communication has rapidly increased, allowing businesses to expand overseas. Companies that develop a successful multilingual content strategy can focus their efforts on reaching their business goals by producing multilingual content that is consistent, valuable, and relevant, and most importantly, that delivers ROI. However, many businesses overlook the importance of having a well-defined multilingual content strategy. In our experience working with companies deciding to go global, we have found that conducting research to define the target market and audience desired, defining the goals and metrics of the strategy, and building a scalable process is key. That is to say, having a multilingual content strategy in place can lead to benefits like boosting brand reputation, increasing customer base, avoiding excessive taxation, and reducing dependence on a single market’s economic cycle.

In this presentation, key considerations and insights on how to plan and implement a successful content strategy in multiple languages to meet your international business goals will be shared.

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# Global Communication
# Multilingual Content Strategy

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