Ravi Yada

Position: Principal PM Lead

Company: Microsoft

Country: US


Ravi is an engineer, inventor and public speaker. Working in Search, Machine Learning, Analytics space for almost a decade, Ravi has built and launched numerous products at Microsoft and is an avid public speaker on technology. Ravi is a strong believer in working across the stack from user experience, infrastructure, ML/AI, and GTM/Marketing to bring products to market and solving customer needs.


Behavioral Analytics: Stop guessing. Get clarity.

Now more than ever, understanding your users and how they experience your website is critical. What is -and isn’t- working for them? How can you optimize your marketing to hit conversions and business metrics?

In this talk, we’ll dig into user behavior analytics – why they’re essential to optimizing your user experience and marketing strategy, which tools/techniques you should be leveraging, and how to combine it all to hit your goals.

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# Behavioural Analytics
# User Centric

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