Matt Sutton

Position: Chief Revenue Officer

Company: Trafficguard

Country: Singapore


Whilst living in Singapore and China Matt has spent the last 15 years building, managing, selling, and integrating digital and technology sector ventures that have been regional and global in scale. He ran CBS’s commercial teams in China, launched Twitter’s business in Asia, bought and sold an ad-tech company, has entered over 20 markets, managed over half a billion dollars of revenue, brought technology platforms to Asia, and set up multiple partnerships with the likes of Facebook and Google. He is now the Global Chief Revenue Officer for TrafficGuard, the ASX listed ad fraud prevention platform. Through his own consultancy, Lab66, he has built a huge global network and is a highly strategic and hands-on business leader as well as an entrepreneur, advisor, investor, and public speaker. He is a London School of Economics graduate, an Entrepreneur in Residence at INSEAD business school, and an Advisor at early stage start-up generator, Antler.


Prevention, Protection and Optimisation: Proactively Stopping Click and Ad Fraud to Maximise ROI

Invalid traffic (IVT) can be catastrophic for your advertising performance, eating into your budget and restricting your business growth. Juniper Research found that advertisers’ total loss to fraud will rise to $100 billion by 2023. The challenge for marketers is to proactively prevent IVT without stopping real-time traffic. To drive better outcomes, marketers need to implement a comprehensive strategy for mitigating fraudulent traffic and increasing ad performance.

In this presentation, you’ll learn about the current threat landscape, how to verify advertising engagements as they occur, and proactively block invalid traffic from infiltrating search campaigns. Matt Sutton, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), TrafficGuard will share his insights into creating bigger and better outcomes for digital advertising campaigns and discuss how organizations can deploy end-to-end protection and detection capabilities to maximize ROI.

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# PPC Fraud
# Performance Marketing

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