Martin Greif

Position: President

Company: SiteTuners LLC

Country: US


Martin Greif is a conversion rate optimization expert, author, speaker, entrepreneur, senior executive, team leader and the kind of guy who likes to see everyone win.

He brings more than 25 years of sales and marketing experience to SiteTuners, where he is responsible for driving revenue growth, establishing and nurturing partner relationships, and creating value for SiteTuners’ broad customer base.


How Selfish Are You?

Do Digital Marketers want to be selfish? Are Digital Marketers truly bad people who make selfish decisions, then sit in their offices and laugh about it? Hardly. All they want is to make the marketing campaign work! They do everything they can possibly think of to make a great campaign, but the fact remains not all marketing campaigns are successful.

We often forget that Digital Marketing is a game you don’t play alone. In this session learn how to avoid your base selfish instincts to focus on your website visitors.

Why should you care about this? Why should you keep selfishness in mind? Because of this simple reason: you, too, are driven by your selfish motives. The first step before you embark on your Digital Marketing journey is to understand that as far as your website is concerned, it’s not about you!

Spend 45 minutes to change a lifetime of habits!

Learn practical tips to focus on your visitors to increase your conversion rate.

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# Conversion Rate Optimization

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