Gregory Holland

Position: Senior Paid Media Strategist

Company: Impression

Country: UK


Greg Holland works for Impression, a Nottingham-based digital marketing agency, and over the last 5 years has been an integral part of their Paid Media growth from a company of 25 to 80+ across offices in the center of Nottingham and London. Greg has worked on small businesses with £500 budgets to household names with multi-million £ budgets, managing all PPC channels, delivering multi-channel strategies from Video Awareness to Paid Search Action.


Futureproof Your Paid Search

A sequel to Gregory’s talk in 2022 on Futureproofing your Paid Search, this talk will look at the events which transpired in 2020/1, and what will be coming and need to be adapted to in 2021/22, with tips on best practices in this automated age.

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# Google Ads
# Paid Search
# Bidding

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