Enrico Pavan

Position: President & Data Director

Company: Analytics Boosters

Country: Italy


Enrico Pavan is the Founder and President at Analytics Boosters. He is a certified analytics expert, user experience and conversion rate optimization consultant, as well as writer, speaker and trainer (15+ years). He consulted over the years for several leading Italian and international finance, retail, B2C, B2B companies, as well as for eCommerce, gambling, fashion and travel firms. As a speaker he took part in major events related to data analytics and held digital analytics classes at the prestigious University of Ca ‘Foscari in Venice (Statistics Course) and at Padua’s University (MBA). Since 2014 he was shortlisted for practitioner of the year and most influential contributor in DAA Awards/Quanties. In 2021 he is among the finalists of DAA Quanties Award in the Difference Maker category. Since 2019 he has been appointed Marketing Analytics Summit Milan Chairman.


GA4, First Party Data and Custom Attribution Model. An Explosive Cocktail for Your Ecommerce: Handle With Care!

Universal Analytics still remains the basis on which to generate stable actionable insights activities but GA4 is proving to be a complete 360 ° tool. Yes ok, it is not yet at its maximum .. indeed, but surely there are some features that allow you to do in-depth analysis and get excellent information in terms of data decision. The first-party data, as we know, represent the new face (no, are you serious?) Of the integration between online and offline. Now, after this premise, what do cocktails have to do with it? Well take GA4, First-party data, some Python, attribution models, and shake it all up. The result? A case in which we will go to see how we have used some features of GA4 and created a custom attribution model to improve the performance of our customer’s eCommerce.

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