Dan Taylor

Position: Head of Research & Development


Country: UK


Dan is an experienced SEO practitioner and has consulted, providing both technical SEO and growth SEO analysis and recommendations to companies such as Cloudflare, Gitlab, Proton, and others. In 2018, Dan won the inaugural TechSEO Boost Research prize, for research into the practical applications of CDNs to implement technical SEO recommendations, a practice now known as Edge SEO. Previously, Dan has talked at BrightonSEO, TechSEO Boost (Boston, US), and Optimization (Moscow).


Building 1m+ Session a Month Organic Content Hubs

Competition for clicks in an enterprise niche is hard, and you need to go the extra mile in providing a strong, and broad user value proposition. One way of doing this is through a content hub, also known as an SEO moat. In 2017 we structured and began building one for a large SaaS company, and now achieves more than 1-million organic sessions a month (estimated). In this talk, Dan is going to go through the processes of building these content hubs and how you can begin to build the first phase of your own hubs, regardless of industry or niche.

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# Content Marketing

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