Adam Greco

Position: Product Evangelist

Company: Amplitude

Country: US


Adam is one of the leaders of the digital marketing analytics industry. As one of the earliest customers and employees at Omniture, he has helped thousands of organizations improve their digital properties through the use of data. Adam has blogged extensively about digital marketing analytics and authored the preeminent book on Adobe Analytics. He has served as a board member to several digital analytics organizations and has won several awards from the Digital Analytics Association. Adam is currently a product evangelist for Amplitude where he helps leading organizations strategize around using data for digital marketing.


The Neverending Customer Experience

Traditionally, digital marketers have been responsible for generating demand for products and services but their responsibility ended once the prospect completed a form or began using the product or service. But in today’s competitive, and increasingly digital, landscape, demand generation isn’t enough. The experience customers have while using products and services is as important to marketing as emails and landing pages. Leading brands are recognizing the need to bring marketing and product experience teams together to consider and optimize the true customer journey experience.

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# Customer Experience
# Customer Journey
# Digital Analytics

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