[March 29 - 31, 2022 | Conference & Workshops | Online]


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Ad copy is often an underutilized asset. Sarah helped companies like Strategyzer make $18.66 for each $1 spent on ads by writing more persuasive copy. While their previous ads only made $0.40 for each $1 spent on ads. It’s about having convincing ads that don’t look like an ad.

 There was the case of a SharkTank company whose ads weren’t profitable and used to think they had a targeting problem. By helping them with more persuasive ad copy, not only did they reach sought-after profitability, but they also got the most sales in a single day on Facebook.

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Getting started with a content marketing strategy for your startup can seem daunting and also a difficult process when you don’t know where to start. In this workshop, we will cover SEO guidance and recommendations for creating a well-considered content strategy for startups and small businesses including “how-to” sessions, “to do or not to do” insights, holistic content strategy approach, user needs and intent analysis, budget-friendly tools and platforms to support your journey and more. 

More workshops are yet to come!

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