MAY 11-13



Due to the limited availability of seats, early registration to the workshop is strongly recommended to ensure your participation – we rely on a first-come,
first-served basis.

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In this workshop you will learn how to grow your business through personal branding, and primarily through LinkedIn. You will learn the basic features and functionalities of the channel and how to use them strategically for your business. We will investigate what it means to create a strategic manuscript for your brand and create a value-based story for your business. 

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In this workshop you will be able to learn the importance of emotional marketing, how to differentiate using emotions, how you can create a story that includes emotions and logic. Once we have the fundamentals we will be able to go through the promotion of the brand using emotions in our content strategies.

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This workshop will cover the main features of SEMrush Featuring 4 real user cases on Local SEO, Voice Search, Market Research and Site improvements implementation.

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How to optimize your WordPress Website perfectly for SEO and create a SEO Strategy Roadmap for the next 6 months to achieve top rankings within your niche. All you need to know in a wellstructured handson 1 day intensive workshop. Learn which SEO Basics really matter, which hosting to choose and how to set up your WordPress for success.

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This workshop will cover the concept of using communities as marketing channels (both B2B and B2C). It will look at what a community is, why we need to build communities (multiple per brand), how to build them and how to manage them and measure their success. You will work on things such as defining measurable engagement indices, added values, and more in a top-down approach…

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In this workshop you will learn and update yourself with the newest Google features and will go from checking the best practices, hands-on examples to setting up Google ads. Be sure that you will be suggested on the best implementation strategies and hacks for fast results to sell and drive conversions.

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Setting up a Facebook campaign may seem like rocket science at first – so many different buttons and options to choose from. What do all these settings mean and how to choose between them to avoid wasting money on ads? How to even know if my campaign is successful or not?

More workshops are yet to come!

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