Timothy Scherman

Position: Owner of SEO Agency & E-Commerce Enthusiast

Company: Schild Roth SEO Agency.

Country: Germany


German SEO and Marketing Specialist Timothy M. Scherman will hold this workshop for the very first time to an audience outside of Germany. He has studied the Psychology of Marketing and Advertising at the University of Cologne and worked for a lot of DAX companies and also the official chamber of commerce. He is a former Google Trainer and founded his first company while studying. He is the CEO of Schild Roth a cologne based SEO and Online Marketing Company and the author of the book “WordPress SEO 2020”. On continuous bases he holds workshops, lectures, and speeches on conferences and commercial gatherings.


WordPress SEO 2020 Bootcamp

How to optimize your WordPress Website perfectly for SEO and create a SEO Strategy Roadmap for the next 6 months to achieve top rankings within your niche. All you need to know in a wellstructured handson 1 day intensive workshop. Learn which SEO Basics really matter, which hosting to choose and how to set up your WordPress for success. Optimize for OnPage factors, keywordhack your competition and create 10x Content to overtake them. Register today and secure your seat in the Intensive SEO workshop with the German SEO Expert and former Google Trainer Timothy M. Scherman from Schild Roth. Limited seats are available.


Part 1: WordPress SEO Basics

  • SEO Basics
  • The fundamental basics of SEO success with WordPress

Part 2: Blueprint of a perfect SEO Website

  • What it takes to achieve top rankings in your niche

Part 3: Hosting & Setup

  • How to choose a host
  • How to Setup your WordPress

Part 4: OnPage SEO

  • Which criteria are important
  • Status Quo of your website
  • Optimizing

Part 5: Keyword Analysis

  • Basics of Keyword research
  • Keywordhack your competition
  • Create your perfect info architecture
  • Setup your website

Part 6: 10x Content Creation

  • What Google wants
  • What content ranks high
  • How to analyze the demand
  • StepbyStep action plan for creating content
  • Create your first content briefing
  • Outsourcing vs. creating

Part 7: Action Roadmap for 6 month

  • SEO Strategy first
  • Your Timetable for 6 month


Learn the basics of WordPress SEO 2020 and implement on the go to achieve top rankings within the next 612 months.

[Target audience]

This workshop is for doers and those who want to get more out of their WordPress website. People who are willing to put in the time and effort to achieve great success. You should be comfortable using WordPress in the form of changing texts, create new pages and posts and have already used a page builder or installed a plugin once. Moreover you need to have your laptop with you. This is a workshop, so there will be work to do. Furthermore the information will be given fast and there will be a healthy amount of pressure to solve the given tasks. This is only for your benefit because after all you will have gained knowledge and hold a perfectly structured SEO roadmapin hand which has the potential for massive traffic success.

[Technical requirements]


Internet Access

A WordPress login as admin to your company or private website

PlugIn UpdraftPlusinstalled and at least one backup of your site saved on a hard drive or cloud storage

MS Word open Open Office or Google Docs open and ready to take notes and open task PDFs

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