Thomas Leonetti

Position: CEO – SEO & Data Expert

Company: Apollo Agency

Country: France


Thomas Leonetti, has been in the Analytics and SEO cauldron for 10 years. He is also an oenologist, and he likes to smell the SERPs, understand their aromas, their tastes, to adapt his SEO strategy every day. Thomas has been living in Strasbourg for 20 years, but he is originally from the South of France, from Nice! He’s, for 10 years, the CEO of the Apollo Agency!


From Local SMB to Industry Leader With on Year of Local SEO!

How did a small family business, specializing in the manufacture and marketing of wood pellets, become, thanks to a one-year local SEO strategy, the undisputed leader in its market ahead of historical big firms?

That’s the whole point of the story Thomas wants to tell you! How, thanks to a concrete, serious, and sustainable SEO strategy, which engages both your SEO spirit and a whole team behind you, you can move mountains and reach the top of Google!

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# Local SEO
# Google My Business
# Link Building

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