Pablo Galiana

Position: Senior Global Industry Director

Company: Teads

Country: UK


More than 10 years working on the digital media & tech industry (at Google, Microsoft, Teads). Expert in digital marketing, with a focus on online video, media planning & buying, branded content and digital advertising.


How to “Advertise Responsibly” in Times of Change?

In the light of recent developments (Blacklivesmatter, raid of the Capitlol, etc), brands are realizing that they are inadvertently funding fake content, and hate speech that are having a serious impact in society. Consumers are also taking notice of brands that appear in front of extremist content (racism, vaccine denial, climate change denial, etc.). Finally, there is a social demand for greater diversity and inclusion across content creation, targeting and media buying. The goal of this conference is to outline a solid approach to media & communications that will future-proof brands in this new environment.

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# Brand Strategy
# Responsibly
# Conscious Advertising

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