Nageela Yusuf

Position: CEO and Head of Product

Company: Cerebriam Studio

Country: UK


Nageela Yusuf is the CEO and Head of Product at Cerebriam Studio – a video automation company. She has over 15 years of experience in technology, AI, marketing, and policy gained from working at organisations ranging from multinationals to start-ups. She is trained in media and photography and has made videos for clients such as the European Commission, UCL, and WeWork. She is the author of Composition in the Age of Social Media, an exclusive 64-page guide which highlights all the best composition practices for square, vertical, and horizontal videos shared on the major social media platforms.


Future Gazing: Trends in AI and Creative Video

How long before AI powers the video content creation for your social media?

If you are looking for quality, engaging video content, probably not for a while. But technology to support marketers make quality content with speed is on the horizon.

Come and learn about the key trends that are shaping AI-enabled video production, from the advances in computer vision, to the debate around machine generated creativity. In doing so, you will have positioned yourself to better understand where AI can truly add value in video content creation. 

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# Social Media
# Video
# AI

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