Marcos Eguillor

Position: Cofounder and CRO

Company: vidiv

Country: Spain


Marcos Eguillor has worked in the digital arena since 1999, in the Internet, telco, mobile devices, apps, software, Internet of Things, media and broadcast, videogames, esports, social media and content, gamification, elearning, crisis communication, education, events and consulting verticals, among others.

He is a serial entrepreneur, investor, mentor, advisor and director in
multiple ventures. He is a co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer of vidiv,
online platform for mass events, and also a co-founder of MAD Lions esports club (acquired by the Canadian OverActive Media group). Besides this, he is co-founder and president of Barbara IoT, a deep tech company with a
focus on IoT and cybersecurity. Further, founder of the Innovation as
a Service resultancy firm BinaryKnowledge_, and cofounder of IdeaFoster, innovation agency acquired by the Peruvian company Canvia.

He’s an educator and speaker and adjunct professor at IE Business School on entrepreneurship, digital transformation and customer experience. 


How to Go Beyond Just Not-Sucking at Online Events When You’re a Brand

Online events have been the back door and salvation to many brands willing to keep in touch with their audiences, communities and customers, during the hardest moments of the COVID pandemic.

And even when most companies say they’ll be back to physical and many participants can’t wait for this moment, online events are here to stay. Convenience, higher reach and ROI and complementarity are some of their virtues.

As digital marketing was not meant to be a digitized and digitalized marketing, online events shouldn’t be that either. There’re a number of things marketers should consider when designing, planning and running online events, to avoid sucking and moreover excelling at them.

In this session you will learn about:
– What is the role of the mass, video, audio and interaction in the experience of the online events.
– How massive online events experience can be far more exciting, immersive and participatory.
– How online events do better than physical when measuring, tracking and even attributing results.

By the end of the talk, you’ll have a checklist of do’s and don’ts when going online with your events. 

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# Online Events
# Attribution
# UX

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