Maciej Kraus

Position: Pricing Guru, Partner, Guest Lecturer

Company: Movens Capital / Stanford

Country: Poland


Since 20years supports companies to generate more profit for further development & growth

Guest lecturer at Stanford and LBS. Author of 2 books on sales strategy and pricing.
Acknowledged sales coach and trainer. Cerified business coach. TED speaker 


Become Pricing Ninja – Increase Revenue, Enhance Customer Growth and Gain in-Depth Knowledge on Competitive Dynamics

What we see over our 15+ years of pricing experience in tech? That hardly any company gets pricing right!

Setting a price for a product is one of the most important decisions a company can make. Startups have a habit of setting their prices too low to attract customers and never raising them, or keeping a feature free long after it’s clear people will pay.

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# Pricing
# Monetization

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