Leonetti Thomas

Position: CEO and technical advisor

Company: APOLLO

Country: France


Thomas Leonetti, has been in the Analytics cauldron for 10 years.
He is also an oenologist, and he likes to smell the SERPs, understand their aromas, their tastes, to adapt his SEO strategy every day.
Thomas has been living in Strasbourg for 20 years, but he is originally from the South of France, from Nice!
After 10 years as CEO of the Apollo Agency, Thomas now works alongside the new mayor of Strasbourg, Jeanne BARSEGHIAN, as a technical advisor


The Useful Visitor: How to Trigger Your User’s Appetite ?

How to turn your newbie visitors into loyal customers?
How to make your users stay more than two minutes on your website, to capture your added value?
This is the whole concept of the “”useful visitor””, launched 5 years ago and which today makes miracles!
Don’t ruin your users’ visits anymore! Convince them !

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