Larry Kotch

Position: Co-Founder

Company: The Brains Marketing

Country: UK


Larry Kotch is the Founder of Lead generation agency The Brains and also B2B Marketing’s 30 under 30 last year.


Advanced B2B Psychology in Marketing

You don’t magically stop being a human being when you put on a suit. So why does psychology in marketing have nothing to say about B2B environments? In this talk, Larry will introduce you to some very interesting B2B psychology research he’s been collecting from different fields and applying to digital marketing campaigns. He will show you how your B2B prospects think and what truly drives all of us when we are at work. From Behavioural economics, the science of Human Status and New opportunity framing, these concepts will help you create content, ad copy, landing pages and email content that not only resonates with your prospect on a corporate level but also taps into their subconscious human desire to climb the ladder and protect their income. You won’t find this information anywhere else.

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# B2B Marketing
# Psychology

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