Justin Racine

Position: Senior Commerce Consultant

Company: Perficient

Country: US


Justin Racine serves as Senior Commerce Consultant at Perficient, where he helps clients achieve their business goals through commerce-enabled technologies. Prior to joining Perficient, Justin served as Director of Marketing & eCommerce at Geriatric Medical Supply, where he helped the business achieve more than 82% of total company revenue through digital experiences. Earlier, he had led the e-commerce vision and execution at Invacare, a $1 billion healthcare device manufacturer and distributor. Justin has spoken at more than 15 global conferences within the last six years on e-commerce and branding strategy. Justin has more than 10 years of experience in e-commerce, customer-focused experiences and branding strategy.


Product Detail Pages Are Dead. Product Experience Pages Are Here to Stay.

Product detail pages (PDP) have long been something that we in the commerce space have used to describe the page within a website that holds all the key information that a customer would need in order to research, share, or purchase a specific product or service. However, I believe the way we create, manage, and build these pages must start with the experience rather than the detail. By referring to these pages as Product Experience Pages℠ (PEP), we can mentally start to put experience first.

In this session, Justin Racine will discuss how you should think about these product pages and where you should start to build an experience that is not only relevant for your customers but provides them an easy path to convert and increase revenue. Justin will detail how commerce features can give you the foundation to build great experiences, dazzle customers, and drive your commerce strategy forward in 2021.

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# E-Commerce
# Product Detail Pages
# UX

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