Jonny Ross

Position: Founder & Digital Strategist

Company: Fleek Marketing

Country: UK


Jonny Ross is founder and digital marketing specialist at Fleek Marketing an award-winning digital marketing company. Fleek works with a wide range of B2B and B2C businesses, and both public and third sector organisations.

Jonny has over 23 years experience in small business, and over 21 years’ experience in digital online technologies. Specialising in SEO, Data, User Experience and digital marketing.


SEO – How to Climb the Google Ladder With SEO

How to be loved by Google

Do you want to gain traction through your Google, climb the ladder within the Google Search Engine and achieve more clicks?

Do you have a live website, want more traffic and want to understand why and where your website ranks?

Get to know your OG tags from your SSL certificates, and your IP blacklists to your Sitelinks Search box!

Want to learn how to create and manage blogs and to use them for SEO purposes?
Best ways of SEO Copywriting?
Optimise for Local SEO and Google Maps Marketing, with an introduction to some amazing SEO Tools
including image Optimisation, On page Optimisation, Off page Optimisation, Schema and how to Use Social Media for SEO! It is jam packed!

This SEO session will see Jonny pick apart your website and shred it to pieces in a live interaction, together with other business owners.

You will get a really good understanding of how SEO works, as well as practical SEO tips and advice to help you do your own search engine optimisation.

Jonny is known for optimising website and getting Google to love them!

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# Schemas
# Page Optimisation

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