Ida Serneberg

Position: Digital Marketing and Social Media Study Programme Leader

Company: Noroff School of Technology & Digital Media.

Country: Norway


Ida Serneberg is the programme leader in Digital Marketing and Social Media at Noroff School of Technology and Digital Media. In previous positions she worked as the Social Media Manager for Nordic Hotels. With 15 years of experience in the digital industry she has followed the digital revolution closely. She has been a frequent guest speaker at various events and conferences for the last 5 years. On a daily basis she is teaching the future digital marketers, and is passionate about the future of marketing and skills needed to master the field in the future.


How to Grow Your Business on LinkedIn

In this workshop you will learn how to grow your business through personal branding, and primarily through LinkedIn. You will learn the basic features and functionalities of the channel and how to use them strategically for your business. We will investigate what it means to create a strategic manuscript for your brand and create a value-based story for your business. We will look at how to set up your page and your profile properly, how to create a relational and authentic marketing through the power of connection. We will investigate how to create jolly good content, especially for LinkedIn, and how to make it fly, at the end of the day make profit.    


Part 1: Introduction to Personal Branding and Relational Marketing

  • The power of people
  • Channel Choreography: where to be and how to maintain your digital universe
  • How to create your own tone of voice
  • Your strategic manuscript: the story you want to be share with the world

Part 2: Introduction to LinkedIn

  • Deep dive into all the basic features and functionalities: page, profile, formats, placements, connections, endorsements, groups, events, articles, inbox
  • Applying your strategic manuscript to LinkedIn
  • Understanding how to make the most out of each function
  • Storytelling through LinkedIn
  • Driving business through LinkedIn

Part 3: Hands-on example

  • How I grew my business through LinkedIn – and how you can do it too
    • A case-study and practical exercises 


The main goal of this workshop is to introduce participants with Relational Marketing, how to make the most out of LinkedIn and how to grow your business with strategic storytelling.

[Target audience]

The target audience includes those interested in becoming efficient LinkedIn users personally and for their business.

[Technical requirements]

– Installations:

– An existing LinkedIn Profile

– Technical knowledge:

 – Basic understanding on how digital and social media works

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