Hannah Parvaz

Position: Head of Growth

Company: Curio

Country: UK


Hannah Parvaz is Head of Growth for Curio. She was named App Marketer of the Year for her work there.

She has spoken internationally on the future of app growth, leveraging data analytics, and how to launch and grow at hyper-speed. Hannah has mentored on Google Launchpad, is a coach for Startup Core Strengths, a programme run by ex-500 Startups’ Matt Lerner, and is a 5-star rated mentor on GrowthMentor. 


How We Quadrupled Our Serve on Facebook

With more advertisers than ever gunning for Facebook impressions, it’s getting harder to breakthrough. Find out how Curio quadrupled their Facebook impressions at their lowest cost ever.

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# Facebook
# Performance Marketing
# Apps
# Scaling

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