Geraint Evans

Position: Award-Winning Interim CMO & Writer

Company: Dr Geraint Evans

Country: UK


Dr Geraint Evans is an award-winning chief marketing officer, board advisor, author, speaker and academic researcher. He has held a variety of global marketing leadership roles and delivered work for brands such as ODEON Cinemas Group, Virgin Media, Tesco, Boots and Whitbread. Geraint now coaches marketing leaders one-on-one and consults with a wide variety of clients from SMEs to Global blue-chip companies on marketing, digital and strategic growth. Geraint has a PhD in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, is a Visiting Fellow at St Mary’s University, and is a Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Marketing.


Who Are We in 2020? Exploring Differences in Our Physical and Digital Lives

In this interactive session Geraint Evans, will explore the underlying reasons why people might differ in their physical ‘real’ self – compared to your social-media life. Business leaders, marketers and digital practitioners are fighting every day to get “cut through”, maximize their increasingly stretched spend, hoping that one day their ideas will go viral. However, do they really know who they are targeting? With the immersion of the internet messaging and smartphones into our everyday lives and millions of piece of content produced every second things are changing very quickly – and so are people’s judgement on who they really are when using the various social media platforms. So, who exactly are we in 2020?

The session will analyse the rapidly changing role of social media in our lives in 2020 and why companies need to focus on more resources on testing and observation to understand their customer than ever before.

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# Social Media
# Target Audience
# Customer Experience

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