Daniel Marote

Position: Founder, 12 International Awards Winner & Bestseller about Marketing Author

Company:  Hydra.Digital.

Country:  Spain


Daniel Marote is a thought leader in digital marketing, digital transformation, strategy, sales development and customer experience in Europe, author and international speaker. He founded media production company and customer experience agency Hydra.Digital. Daniel has worked with brands like Grupo Vips, Pernod Ricard, Grupo Mahou-San Miguel, Telefonica, Sanitas, Alain Afflelou, Canon, Siemens, Iberia, El Corte Inglés, La Tagliatella, Madrid Tourism Board, Costa Rican Tourism Board and many others.

Daniel has executed more than 400 projects for more than 100 brands in 25 countries, won 12 international awards, has given more than 200 conferences worldwide and his book OrganicSM is top 10 in digital marketing.


#UserLovers: Customer Experience Is an Obligation and Not an Option

The success of a brand today is to get its customers to understand in a simple way why they should choose them in front of their competitors. After almost 10 years of world economy crisis and the consequences of globalization, many companies and brands saw each other forced to adopt a business strategy based on price. That means that they entered a loop in which they put the cheapest price, and then their competitors also lowered it and so on until they lost their profit margins. Pricing strategies are usually not very viable over time since they end up being unprofitable for business. The other clear alternative is to create a differentiation strategy through an exquisite Customer Experience that allows you to connect with your target and make them fall in love with your brand. The secret is to design a differential value proposal that helps customers choose my brand or product.

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