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[March 30 - 31, 2022 | Conference | Vilnius and Online]

[April 4 - 8, 2022 | Workshops | Online]


[Confirmed Talks]

Alexander Novicov

[Way Boutique, UK]

Stand Out By Building A Purpose Driven Brands

Differentiate your brand by becoming a purpose-driven brand. Learn the structure of a story and how to create content that makes an impact.

Session Keywords

# Content Marketing
# Social Media
# Emotional Storytelling

Bastian Grimm

[Peak Ace AG, Germany]

Rewind to Fast Forward 2.0: Play the Classics or Time for Change?

In his lively session, Bastian takes a look back in time to chart the course for the future. In anything, we can’t move forward without first knowing where we’ve been – and SEO is certainly no exception. Let’s take a step back and look forward together to better prepare you for what’s ahead!

Session Keywords

# Google Ads
# Machine Learning

Felipe Bazon

[Hedgehog Digital, Brazil]

Google Discover Optimisation Using Google Web Stories and More

In this talk, you will learn how to optimize for Google Discovery using Google Web Stories and drive thousands of visits instantaneously. With proven case studies, validated data, and exclusive research in partnership with SEMrush.

Session Keywords

# Content Marketing
# Google Discover
# Google Web Stories

Fili Wiese

[, Germany]

Google Penalties Explained by Ex-google Engineer

Join ex-Google engineer Fili to gain a deep understanding of why algorithmic updates impact your Google rankings, how and why Google applies penalties, how to recover from algorithmic updates and penalties, and how to future proof your website for SEO in Google.

Having penalized countless websites for Google Webmaster Guidelines violations for years in the Google Search Quality team, Fili is the world’s leading expert on the topic of Google penalties and algorithmic updates. Join the session, before your competitor will!

Session Keywords

# Google Search
# Algorithms
# Penalties

James Brockbank

[Digitaloft, UK]

A Proven Blueprint for a Scalable Content Strategy

In this session, James will walk through a proven blueprint for creating a scalable content strategy that presents you with clear short and long-term actions to deliver month-on-month growth.

Attendees will walk away from the session with the knowledge they need to:

– Identify quick win content optimization opportunities
– Understand the scale of content needed to build topical authority
– Create a prioritized content roadmap
– Balance rankable content with link earning content

Based on examples of successful strategies, this is the perfect session for marketers looking to use content to double down on their organic search growth in 2022.

Session Keywords

# Content Marketing

Jason Barnard


Your Brand SERP on Google Is the Most Important KPI You Never Looked At

Jason will share with the audience how to ‘read’ a brand SERP in all three contexts above (a bit like reading tea leaves, but with real insights !) he can also tell people what to do to improve theirs… This leads to the clincher – by getting your Brand SERP 100% accurate, positive and convincing, you are necessarily building a coherent, multichannel and effective content strategy that engages your audience… and also a more balanced and positive digital ecosystem around your brand. Great stuff!

Session Keywords

# Online Reputation Management

Sajnay Sauldie

[iROI Global OÜ, Germany]

Transruption: 24 Key Digital Technologies Combined in One Digital Strategy – The Only One in the World!

Transcription is a strategy that does not focus on just one key technology but combines the individual components of Digitalisation in a new way. In this session, you will find out which technologies make sense for you and how you can overtake all your competitors by combining them and thus emerge as a winner from digitalization.

Session Keywords

# Digital Transformation
# Digital Disruption

Simon Beyer

[Ingager, Sweden]

Facebook & Instagram: Strategies, Perspectives and Trends 2022

Facebook Inc holds some of the most prominent social platforms in the world. Understanding the strategic direction of this company, and the potential effects for your advertising are of great importance for all commercial organizations.

Simon Beyer during his energized presentation will provide insights and perspectives that give useful action points for you and your advertising in 2022.
Topics that will be included in the presentation:
– Macro trends affecting Social Media advertising.
– Post-pandemic digital consumer behavior.
– Content that created results.
– Ways of working and processes to remain competitive.

Session Keywords

# Facebook
# Instagram
# Trends

Arnas Klasauskas

[KISS Agency, Lithuania]

Scaling Facebook Ads With Advertorials

You’ll learn how you can use advertorials to sell your products more profitably through Facebook Ads, by writing powerful ads and landing pages that respond to your audience.

Session Keywords

# Facebook
# Advertorials

Aurimas Paulius Girčys

[APG MEDIA, Lithuania]

Some People Excel at Automation and Some Don’t – Which One Are You?

In this presentation we will explore how automating your day-to-day tasks can be beneficial for both businesses and individuals alike.

The first step to automate any process is identifying what needs to be automated in order to get it done more effectively and efficiently than if it was being completed manually by a person on a daily basis. Once you have identified what needs to be automated, choose an appropriate tool or software application that will allow you to do so.

Session Keywords

# Digital Marketing Automation

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