[March 28-29, Online Edition]


[Confirmed Talks]

Pablo Galiana

[Teads, UK]

How to “Advertise Responsibly” in Times of Change?

The goal of this conference is to outline a solid approach to media & communications that will future-proof brands in this new environment.

Session Keywords

# Brand Strategy
# Responsibly
# Conscious Advertising

Simon Biltcliffe

[Webmart, UK]

Could Integrating With the ‘Old’ Be the Way Forward for E-Commerce?

In this talk, Simon will challenge perceptions that there is no room for print in the digital world, talking you through how integrating both offline print marketing and digital marketing can create a robust integrated marketing strategy.

Session Keywords

# Digital Printing

Skip Fidura

[Overmore Group, UK]

Attribution Is Broken – How to Fix Yours Without Spending a Ton of Money

In this session, Skip will give you a straight forward approach to determine:
– How much marketing budget you need to achieve the goals you’ve been given by management
– How to best deploy that budget
– A clear picture of how much you should be spending to acquire each lead
– A logical and defensible means to justify their discounting strategy
– An understanding of whether your tests are working or not

Session Keywords

# Analytics
# Attribution

Viola Eva

[Flow SEO, Germany]

The Art of Writing Meaningful Articles That Rank and Convert: A Powerful How-To

In this talk, you will learn that:
– Google and users love the same.
– Every article is a list – but not a listicle. And how you can use this idea to create unique and new angles.
– The 6 step content writing formula that takes you from a blank page to a highly-converting article.
– You should take ownership for the second click and how you can impress your boss and clients by creating compelling CTAs that drive traffic to your sales and landing pages.

Session Keywords

# Content Writing
# Content Marketing

Veronica Gentili

[Glisco Marketing, Italy]

10 tips to boost your sales on Facebook

In this talk, Veronica will cover 10 tips with real examples on how to boost your sales on Facebook and get more leads and clients.

Session Keywords

# Facebook
# Sales

Christoffer Bertilsson

[LinkedKurs, Norway]

How to Utilize LinkedIn Strategically to Reach Your Goals in 2021

You will learn:
• How to use LinkedIn to develop your professional network
• What you actually need to do on LinkedIn to make you interesting
• An easy way to connect with quality contacts on LinkedIn
• The right way to post updates on LinkedIn to create maximum engagement
• How to sell professionally on LinkedIn, so you build long-term relationships that lead to more loyal customers
• Our 5-step methodology for your LinkedIn success and how to use LinkedIn to create new business

Session Keywords

# LinkedIn
# Professional Network

Gerry White

[Rise at Seven, UK]

Page Speed in 2021

With Google rightly focusing on User experience and in particular page speed, how can you make sure your website is as fast as everyone else – a complete guide for digital marketers, not just SEOs to understand if the website is costing you more than it is earning you.

Session Keywords

# Google
# UX
# Page Speed

Jaroslaw Smietana

[Brief Esports and ESPOT gaming concept, Poland]

Esport, Gaming, Marketing, Business, Poland, Europe, World

We have almost 20 million players in Poland and a huge esports community. While brands are getting used to gaming, esport is still a challenge for marketers.

Session Keywords

# Brand Strategy
# Esports

Krzysztof Marzec

[DevaGroup, Poland]

How to Win User Hearts with Best Google Ads Copy

At the presentation, Krzysztof will show You the results of his findings. Together you will build a checklist of best-performing ads.

Session Keywords

# Google
# A/B Testing

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