[March 28-29, Online Edition]


[Confirmed Talks]

Felix Velarde

[The 2Y3X® Programme, UK]

Double Your Revenue: How the 2y3x Method Works

Scale at Speed author Felix Velarde will share the frameworks, methods and practical advice on how to implement 2Y3X within your company.

Session Keywords

# Growth
# Leadership

Jonas Hagströmer Theodorsson

[Keywordio, Sweden]

Profit Marketing, the Future of Growing Global Ecommerce

In this talk Co-owner Jonas will share the latest insights from a study of over 1 Billion ads during 2020 and how switching to a profit marketing strategy will change your growth game.

Session Keywords

# Google
# Profit marketing

Mark Knight

[Major Labl, UK]

Using Best Practice Principles From Brand Marketing To Help Promote Independent Musicians

In this talk, Mark will share his 10 years of experience working on music promotion.

Session Keywords

# Music Marketing
# Independent Artists

Richard Robinson

[Leadfamly, UK]

The Power of Game Mechanics in Marketing

Learn how gamification raises awareness for businesses and brands, and how game mechanics can support and lift marketing activities (even those already planned) – regardless of where these sit in the customer lifecycle.

Session Keywords

# Marketing Gamification

Roman Gavuliak

[Adverity, Slovakia]

Take Your Marketing Benchmarks to the Next Level: Theory & Practice

Roman will walk you through some of the most interesting challenges and questions you’d encounter when making dynamic benchmarking work for marketing (or any) data for you or your clients.

Session Keywords

# Benchmarks
# Data
# Analytics

Chris Averill

[Northford, UK]

Storytelling – How Stories Can Sell Anything

Learn how to become a brilliant storyteller and how I used this technique to build a brilliant business.

Session Keywords

# Brand Strategy
# Storytelling
# UX

Christian Möhring

[madeone GmbH, Germany]

Enabling the Future of Customization

Christian will share his own experiences with enabling customization business working for large corporations as Nike and Ikea, SMEs and his own consumer-facing mass customization business model for customized helmets on

Session Keywords

# Digital Product Experiences
# Product Customization

Clarice Lin

[BaselineLabs, UK]

How to Start & Grow a YouTube Channel From 0 to 1000 Subscribers (the Real Way) That Generates High Quality Leads for Your Business.

Learn how she put in place and executed a strategic YouTube strategy that accelerated the channel growth and subsequently turned viewers into customers.

Session Keywords

# Youtube
# Small Business

Greg Holland

[Impression, UK]

Future-proof your Paid Search

A talk focusing on recent and upcoming changes within the industry, and structuring your Paid Search to best practice, capturing top performance and protecting against the ever-increasing amount of black-box features Google has and are introducing.

Session Keywords

# Google
# Paid Search

Jacques van der Wilt

[DataFeedWatch, The Netherlands]

Advanced Automation for Google Shopping and Search Ads

In this session, Jacques will discuss how feed-based advertising solutions can be used to increase the ROI of your Google Ads campaigns and reach more potential customers with unique and customized ads.

Session Keywords

# Google
# Feed-Based Advertising

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