[March 28-29, Online Edition]


[Confirmed Talks]

Dean Schuster

[truematter, US]

Why UX Matters: The Chips & Pickle Story

Even the smallest interface design decisions can have a seismic effect on business. Yet digital product teams continually miss the little things. Why? Join Dean on a tour of seemingly insignificant interface design quirks (and enabling processes) that have changed history, caused mass panic, otherwise upended society, and completely ruined his sandwich.

Session Keywords

# Failure
# users
# UX
# UI

Stephanie Gutnik

[Yahoo, Canada]

Not Your Mother’s Billboards: Adding Digital Out of Home to the Media Mix

This presentation will discuss everything a marketer needs to know about adding digital out of the home to their media mix: from planning and creative production to data, measurement, and attribution. It will also go a step further to explore the implications of consumers’ psychological responses to omnichannel marketing campaigns, along with attitudinal and behavioral reactions to digital out of the home.

Session Keywords

# Emerging Media
# Digital Out Of Home (DOOH)

Gregory Holland

[Impression, UK]

Futureproof Your Paid Search

A sequel to Gregory’s talk in 2022 on Futureproofing your Paid Search, this talk will look at the events which transpired in 2020/1, and what will be coming and need to be adapted to in 2021/22, with tips on best practices in this automated age.

Session Keywords

# Google Ads
# Paid Search
# Bidding

Kyle Roof

[High Voltage SEO, Germany]

Rank for More Keywords: Mindset, Semantic Optimization, and Advanced Interlinking

In this talk, Kyle will show you how to be a better SEO and rank for more keywords. He will show how to build pages that have semantically related sections that have the opportunity to perform better than the pages you are building now.

Session Keywords

# Semantically Related
# Supporting Content
# Interlinking

Phil Pallen

[Phil Pallen Collective, US]

Branding Is Your Secret Weapon

Learn how to properly position, build and promote your brand to get results. Leaning on real-life examples from the hundreds of brands Phil has personally developed, these unique tactics are actionable—making your digital marketing strategy better than before.

Session Keywords

# Personal Branding
# Brand Strategy
# Social Media Marketing

Piotr Bombol

[Gameset, Poland]

Let’s Play! Introduction to Gaming Marketing

Gaming marketing made simple – what is it & why you should care? Get to know your newest target group – gamers and learn how to enhance your brand image, engage young consumers and sell your products along the way.

Session Keywords

# Metaverse
# Gaming
# Esports

Bohumil Pokstefl

[Kontentino, Slovakia]

How Brands Should Not Collaborate With Creators and Influencers?

This presentation is going to make you rethink your approach to collaborations with content creators & influencers and give you advice on which steps to avoid along the way. Bohumil will provide you with more insight into how to streamline communication with creators and get the maximum out of your collaboration.

Session Keywords

# Brands
# Influencers
# Collaboration

David White

[connective3, UK]

Creating Digital PR Strategies to Navigate the Ever-Changing News Agenda

We’ve spent the last year focussing our efforts on creating campaigns that are built to last, and can move with the changing news agenda so that you’re not left with shelved campaigns, trying to salvage lost spend at the last minute. We will reveal how to do this in our talk.

Session Keywords

# Digital PR
# Link Building

Dimitri Gärtner

[FRAMEN, Germany]

Internet of Screens

FRAMEN connects screens to stories with the right people. Our cloud-based streaming technology makes it easy to transform any digital surface into an efficient communication channel. Advertisers and media agencies can book screen time anywhere in public to instantly place powerful messages scatter-loss-free into the focus of the target group.

Session Keywords

# Ad campaigns
# Tracking

Giedrius Morkunas

[Marketing Recycling, Lithuania]

How to Choose and Manage Digital Marketing Agency

This session will help you to answer these questions:
• How to evaluate the quality of a Digital Marketing Agency?
• KPIs – what to monitor and evaluate in the activities of a Digital Marketing Agency within each of the fields:
Google Ads
Facebook Ads
LinkedIn Ads
• How much is it worth to pay for Digital Marketing Agency services?

Session Keywords

# Audits
# Digital Marketing Agency

Ignas Šimkus

[, Lithuania]

AI in Digital Marketing: Benefits and Use Cases

Artificial intelligence vs natural intelligence. What does AI mean in the digital marketing context and how it could affect our careers in the future?

In this session, Ignas will share his vision on that and will provide some “tips and tricks” that could make our daily lives easier.

Session Keywords

# Automation
# AI

Adam Greco

[Amplitude, US]

The Neverending Customer Experience

Traditionally, digital marketers have been responsible for generating demand for products and services but their responsibility ended once the prospect completed a form or began using the product or service. But in today’s competitive, and increasingly digital, landscape, demand generation isn’t enough.

Session Keywords

# Customer Experience
# Customer Journey
# Digital Analytics

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