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[April 26-29, 2021 | Online]


[Confirmed Talks]

Sarah Sal


How to Use Facebook Ads to Sell Event Tickets

By giving samples, supermarkets like Mash and Costco have been able to increase sales by up to 2,000 percent, according to the Atlantic. In this session Sarah will show how she used a similar tactic to help sell tickets to their $2199 event, at an 1866% ROI.

Session Keywords

# Facebook Ads
# Event Marketing

Giedrius Morkūnas

[Marketing Recycling, Lithuania]

How to Apply Performance Marketing Across Every Step of the Sales Funnel

Instead looking for a silver bullet, test continuously small details across the whole customer journey. In a long run this will give you a distinct advantage over you competitors. In this session you’ll be introduced to the best Performance Marketing practices to improve your digital marketing efficiency at every step of the sales funnel: Awareness, Lead Generation, Sales and Retention.

Session Keywords

# Performance Marketing
# Conversion Rate Optimization

Alicja Snarska

[Meritum Cloud, UK/Poland]

Communities as a Marketing Vehicle

Alicja will share her experience from both corporate space (Microsoft, Atlassian (from the Partner point of view) and influencer marketing.

Session Keywords

# Community
# Influencers
# Psychology

Jemma Nimick

[See.Sense, UK]

See.Sense – Our Online Story

A practical presentation of ‘Our Online Story’ from 5+ years experience of growing a small cycling brand into a, now shipping to over 75 countries with a community of over 70,000 cyclists.

Session Keywords

# Brand Strategy
# Bikes

Dean Schuster

[truematter, US]

The Fundamental Anatomy of Digital Product Goals

In this talk, digital product leaders and teams will gain a more complete understanding of the power of well-conceived digital product goals, which must always:

Session Keywords

# Digital Products
# UX
# Goals

Dominik Berger

[Attention Fox, Austria]

Lean Content Strategy for Startups

During this talk you will learn how to strategically plan, produce, test and analyze content in efficient ways. We will explore different tools and methods that enable you to implement a successful content strategy even with limited resources.

Session Keywords

# Content Strategy
# Content Marketing
# User Experience
# Startups

Jason Barnard

[Kalicube, France]

How to Get a Knowledge Panel without Wikipedia

In this session, you’ll discover what the stakes are for your brand, and how to get your place in Google’s Knowledge Graph, with or without Wikipedia.

Session Keywords

# Knowledge Graph
# Entity Based Search
# Brand

Maciej Kraus

[Movens Capital / Stanford, Poland]

Become Pricing Ninja – Increase Revenue, Enhance Customer Growth and Gain in-Depth Knowledge on Competitive Dynamics

Setting a price for a product is one of the most important decisions a company can make. Find out how to do this.

Session Keywords

# Pricing
# Monetization

Markus Kramer

[Brand Affairs AG / Cass Business School, Switzerland]

Brand Strategy Meets Digital: Differentiate or Die

Join Markus on an exploration on how brand strategy and positioning can help you to create and articulate a differentiated value proposition – and how to translate this for digital success.

Session Keywords

# Brand Strategy
# Positioning

Simon Beyer

[Ingager, Sweden]

Perspectives on Trends: Facebook and Instagram

Simon Beyer will during his energized presentation provide insights and perspectives that provide useful action points for you and your advertising in 2021.

Session Keywords

# Facebook
# Instagram
# Trends

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