MAY 11-13



Mike McGrail

Getgo Studio & Velocity Digital, United Kingdom

How to Create Superb Video for Marketing

Video is vital to modern digital marketing, but many brands struggle to do it well. In his talk, Mike cover what great video is, apply that to popular marketing uses of it and use real-life examples to illustrate.

Session Keywords

? Video Marketing
? Social Media

Fili Wiese, Germany

Google Algorithmic Updates & Google Penalties Explained

Been penalized by Google? Lost rankings with a core update? Want to avoid a penalty being applied to your website?
Join ex-Google engineer Fili to gain a deep understanding of why algorithmic updates impact your rankings, how and why search engines apply penalties, how to recover from algorithmic updates and penalties, and how to future proof your website for SEO in Google.

Session Keywords

? Google Algorithms
? Google Penalties

Anders Hjorth

Innovell, France

Winning in Paid Search – the Way Award-Winners Do It

Anders researched the paid search industry through expert interviews and a survey of leading teams and uncovered the way they work as well as winning strategies they adopt. To win in paid search you must increasingly keep your eyes fixed on a long term goal with while automating and optimizing continuously. Anders use award-winning case studies to illustrate the 4 winning strategies he have identified.

Session Keywords

? Paid Search
? Search Strategy

Vlad Zhovtenko, Lithuania

Optimisation in Media-Buying for SMBs: Now and in the Next Two Years

In his session Vlad will focus on the process media buying, key decisions – which should be done by humans and which by machines. He will discuss the difference between automation, machine learning and AI, and how each contributes to optimisation. The talk will also include optimisation algorithms, their providers, agendas, how they influence the end result of business and what future holds for SMBs.

Session Keywords

? Media-Buying
? Automation

Stephanie Gutnik


Don’t Be a Dinosaur: How to Protect Your Business and Brand From Competitive Innovation

Creative destruction. A concept that marketers should embrace with strategic thinking and innovation is in reality, the cause of death of most brands/businesses. In hindsight, it’s clear that it was coming but from a day to day perspective, we are too myopic to notice. This session goes through powerful examples of the limited lifespans of brands that nobody thought would go extinct…

Session Keywords

? Brand Management
? Creative Destruction

Arthur Retrou

Dernier Cri, France

Notifications : Just Cut the Sh*t ?

It’s ringing in your pocket!! The irresistible notification is everywhere. It’s seems like it’s here from lifetime ago and yet everybody agrees: we can’t stand it anymore! In this presentation, you will understand how to create intelligent experiences and the impacts on the interface designs of your products.

Session Keywords

? UX Design
? Notification

Ahmed Khalifa

Hear Me Out! [CC] & Khalifa Media, United Kingdom

Let’s Make Captions Beautiful & Increase Your Video Engagement

Lighting, audio and storytelling are all essential when creating video-based content. However, captions are often forgotten, even though it can benefit more people than you think. You might assume that it’s just for the d/Deaf and hard of hearing people. But there are other benefits: learn a new language, access to different culture, improve SEO, watch in quiet environments, increase social media engagements But even more people can benefit, like those who are autistic, have learning disability or have attention deficits.

Session Keywords

? Video Marketing
? YouTube SEO

Sarah Sal

United Kingdom

How to Use Facebook Ads to Sell Event Tickets

By giving samples, supermarkets like Mash and Costco have been able to increase sales by up to 2,000 percent, according to the Atlantic. In this session Sarah will show how she used a similar tactic to help sell tickets to their $2199 event, at an 1866% ROI.

Session Keywords

? Facebook Ads
? Event Marketing

Corinna Keefe

Easypromos, United Kingdom

The Future of Data Collection for Digital Marketing

New technology, legislation and consumer concerns mean that collecting marketing data is more complex than ever before. Corinna will discuss new categories of data, including the difference between “zero party” and “first party”. She will examine ways to collect data and provide value to consumers in return. 

Session Keywords

? Data Collection
? Privacy

Vincenzo Ruggiero, Belgium

See Every Product Feature as a Marketing Opportunity

In his session Vincenzo will provide a case study on how to grow your customer base by leveraging other companies’ communities. When thinking about marketing and distribution opportunities it is always important to develop features such as integrations with all the marketing around them in mind.

Session Keywords

? Community Marketing

Sal Mohammed

Adzooma, United Kingdom

Using Digital to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Most businesses operate on the model that if they just work harder, they will be rewarded with increased performance. However, technology is debunking this myth, elevating those who work smart by leveraging digital tools and information to take the spoils.

Session Keywords

? Growth
? Automation

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