[March 28-29, Online Edition]


[Confirmed Talks]

Dan Taylor

[, UK]

Building 1m+ Session a Month Organic Content Hubs

In this talk, Dan is going to go through the processes of building these content hubs and how you can begin to build the first phase of your own hubs, regardless of industry or niche.

Session Keywords

# Content Marketing

Krzysztof Marzec

[DevaGroup, Poland]

How to Use Google to Audit Your Site for SEO

In this talk, Krzysztof will show you how to use Google to answer many questions that should be asked by an SEO audit.

Session Keywords

# Optimization

Roman Ihnatenko

[Heavy Value, Ukraine]

Tiktok Leadgen: How to Generate Thousands of Leads Daily

In this session, Roman will cover the following points:
• What’s a TT agency and how to get your own one;
• What’s are the offers that work;
• Campaigns integration and structure;
• How to test offers;
• How to produce original creatives that bring high CTR;
• How to scale to 500k revenue a month
• Issues and troubleshooting;

Session Keywords

# Lead Generation
# Facebook Ads
# Snapchat Ads
# TikTok Ads

Russell McAthy

[Ringside, UK]

Lifetime Value and the Actual Costs of Acquiring Customers

In this talk, Russell will show examples and explain how to approach cost to acquire customers, how to then apply this to lifetime value and how everyone can go apply this to their own organization.

Session Keywords

# Customer Acquisition
# Machine Learning
# Attribution

Ravi Yada

[Microsoft, US]

Behavioral Analytics: Stop guessing. Get clarity.

In this talk, we’ll dig into user behavior analytics – why they’re essential to optimizing your user experience and marketing strategy, which tools/techniques you should be leveraging, and how to combine it all to hit your goals.

Session Keywords

# Behavioural Analytics
# User Centric

Ferdinand Goetzen

[Reveall, The Netherlands]

The 7 Sins of Growth Marketing – Pitfalls & Opportunities for Success

This talk will focus on the “7 sins of marketers”, i.e. the most common mistakes made by both old school and new school growth marketers.

Session Keywords

# Growth Marketing
# Growth Hacking
# Marketing Strategy

Martin Greif

[SiteTuners LLC, US]

How Selfish Are You?

In this session learn how to avoid your base selfish instincts to focus on your website visitors.Spend 45 minutes to change a lifetime of habits! Learn practical tips to focus on your visitors to increase your conversion rate.

Session Keywords

# Conversion Rate Optimization

Nikolaj Mogensen

[s360, Denmark]

SEO in 2022 – Cores, Spam, MUM and Other Updates That Shape Our Strategy

In 2021 we have seen a vast amount of historic changes to the Organic Algorithm. But what does this means to our SEO strategies? How do we adjust to win over competitors?

In this session, I Nikolaj will take you through how you should adapt your strategy to the new reality of SEO.

Session Keywords


Taylor Ryan

[Klint, Denmark]

The Next Level of Outbound Digital Marketing – Scraping + Using Big Data + Hyperpersonalization

Tools to grab data fast;
Use cases for scraping [Content, SoMe, Outbound, Custom Audiences, Hyper Personalization];
How big data is changing the marketing landscape;
Growth-Hack pairing automation and outreach.

Session Keywords

# Hyperpersonalization
# Email Automation
# Growth Hacking

Vlad Zhovtenko

[, Lithuania]

How Our Ecom Marketers Switch to 1st Party Data to Prepare for the Death of 3rd Party Cookies

Vlad will share his experience and insights on how e-commerce businesses accomplish it – on the example of RedTrack users.

Session Keywords

# Privacy
# Cookies

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