Chris Kubbernus

Position: Forbes #1 Business Guru on Snapchat, CEO & International Speaker


Country:  The Netherlands


Chris Kubbernus is the Founder and CEO of Kubb&co, a digital marketing agency based in Copenhagen. Chris is an expert when it comes to helping brands become bigger, better & more effective. He has worked with both start-ups and large corporations on digital strategy and social media – with his strong personal brand, he teaches others how to take their marketing and their businesses to new heights. Chris an avid entrepreneur and keynote speaker with over 100 speaking engagements across North America and Europe.

Named #1 Business Guru on Snapchat by Forbes, one of the Top 50 Marketing Influencers on Snapchat on Mashable, and #1 on The Huffington Post List of “17 Top Entrepreneurs to Follow on Snapchat”, Chris is a skilled presenter who combines a unique style of knowledge, inspiration, humor and audience engagement to his keynotes, sharing insights from his 20 years experience as a digital marketer.

His status as an acknowledged social media influencer has furthermore gained him more than 200.000 followers on Snapchat, 14.000 followers on LinkedIn, 40.000+ followers on Twitter, 20.000+ on YouTube and over 250.000 on Instagram.


How to Scale Content to Drive Social Media, Traffic and Sales

Content is the lifeblood of any good marketing strategy, but many brands fail at producing it at scale. Furthermore, how to use that content in the most effective way to drive business outcomes like traffic and ultimately sales.

This core issue keeping marketers up at night, is what Chris “Kubby” Kubbernus will be tackling in his keynote during Digital Marketing Europe 2020.

By the end of the talk you will know:

– The latest trends and tactics for producing and scaling content;
– How to look at your existing content to get the most from it in the future;
– How to demand more from yourself and your agencies without breaking the bank or your back;
– How to drive traffic and sales with your content both organically and through paid distribution.

Join us for this inspiring talk that will not only deliver you tactics but also practical ideas you can take and use immediately after the conference.

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# Social Media Marketing
# Content Marketing

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