Chris Griffiths

Position: Founder and CEO

Company: OpenGenius

Country: UK


Chris Griffiths is a thought leader in the field of innovation and creativity. He has written several best-selling books published in 10 languages, appears regularly in the media, is a keynote and multiple TEDx speaker, and previously built a network of 1000 Applied Innovation instructors world-wide. He has worked with many organizations personally including Royal Families and Nobel Laureates.

For his day job, he has 20 years of experience in developing visual thinking technology with several million users worldwide. His current project allows organizations to utilize the latest psychology and behavioral science to improve creativity and productivity through technology.


Staying Creative in a Digital Marketing

Allowing data alone to drive your digital marketing is not enough. Find out how to promote and systemize your creative thinking for improved results.

Key take-aways:
Over-reliance on data can destroy creative thinking
Why you should stop brainstorming
Understanding how technology can kill or boost productivity
Simple methods to improve creativity, and give clarity to your thinking

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# Creativity
# Innovation
# Productivity

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