Chris Averill

Position: Partner, author and leadership coach

Company: Northford

Country: UK


Chris Averill – London-based, dynamic and entrepreneurial leader with 25 years fronting innovative businesses. Chris led the inauguration of the World’s first interactive TV service in 1996 at HomeChoice, followed by a move to BUPA that saw Chris launch their first website. This led to a successful career at Andersen Business Consulting where he built their digital customer experience team, a first in world of the Big 5 Consultancies.
In 2003, having left Andersen, Chris founded WAE to bridge the gap between large ad agencies and their global client base. The successful growth of the company saw their New York office open in 2011 ending in a trade sale of the business to Globant in 2016, after which he wrote the best selling book “”Build $ell Retire””.
Chris is now a coach and advises business founders who are undertaking their own sales journey, he is an angel investor and adviser with a focus on health tech. Chris has a private pilot’s license as well as a love for sailing.

Build $ell Retire – intro
When global entrepreneur, Chris Averill stepped into the world of M&A little did he know of the pitfalls and challenges that awaited him. Slightly bruised and
battered, he nevertheless walked away successfully selling his business for much more than he expected. Armed with this experience and knowledge, Chris was determined to guide any business owner along the bumpy road to an acquisition. In this invaluable resource, he shares his knowledge in an honest, no holds barred, yet highly informative way combining it with interviews with business owners, sellers, buyers, investors and all those caught in the middle. Advice on how to prepare ahead of any sale, who to engage with and what to expect is clearly laid out which busts any myths of who you can trust, answers key questions and wipes the gloss off any perceived wisdom in the M&A industry.


Storytelling – How Stories Can Sell Anything

Storytelling is at the heart of what we are all about. A good story will last for centuries, and the best are used to make the complex simple. Learn how to become a brilliant storyteller and how I used this technique to build a brilliant business.

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