Scott Seidewitz

Position: Principal

Company: The Seidewitz Group

Country: US


For more than 20 years, marketing leader, innovator, and contrarian Scott Seidewitz has been an evangelist for bringing scientific rigor to marketing and market research. From applying neuroscience to marketing to showing how traditional research stifles innovation and risk-taking, his thinking has consistently challenged conventional wisdom. Scott is a graduate of MIT, an ex-P&G branding expert, and a former political activist. He has delivered hundreds of millions in top-line growth to companies like Merck, Gilead, Align Technology (makers of Invisalign), AliBaba, Intel, and Intuit. He is also a recipient of a National Citation of Excellence from the American Advertising Federation.


Brand Positioning Bootcamp – Advanced Skills To Position Your Brand for Growth

Why are some brands engines of growth, while others fall behind? What can you do to imprint your brand in the brain of your target customers and so they take the actions you want? What simple mistakes can spell doom for a brand?

This in-depth, hands-on workshop will answer these and many other questions about how to successfully position your brand in today’s saturated media environment. Drawing on research and extensive case studies, marketing leader, innovator and contrarian Scott Seidewitz shows how brand positioning is a science, not an art. Using proven best practices he will show you how to build a brand that is not only an engine of growth, but also a long-term competitive advantage for your business.


  • Preview: Case study on the power of brand positioning to drive business growth
  • Part 1: What brand positioning strategy is – and what it’s not
  • Part 2: The foundation of brand positioning – deep customer insights
    • What “customer insights” are
    • What to look for – customer insights that drive effective positioning strategy
    • How to get deep customer insights
  • Part 3: Brand Positioning Strategy – Best Practices
    • Principles for effective brand positioning strategy
    • Brand positioning strategy structure
    • Tips for developing a brand positioning strategy that will drive business results
  • Part 4: Best practices for translating brand positioning strategy into marketing execution
    • The positioning concept and positioning brief
    • Creative development process
    • Case study and examples


The goal of this workshop is to empower participants to develop a positioning strategy for their brand that will drive breakthrough business results and create a long-term competitive advantage

[Target audience]

This workshop is intended for business leaders, marketing managers, product managers and anyone with the responsibility for or interest in taking their brand to the next level.

[Technical requirements]

No preparation necessary. A basic knowledge of marketing terms is helpful but not absolutely necessary.

Interactive elements will be built into the workshop, so attendees interested in working on their brand positioning strategy during the workshop should come prepared with:

  • Understanding of the needs, beliefs and pain points of your target customers
  • Current brand positioning strategy/value proposition, if any
  • Examples of your current marketing execution


A graduate of MIT, an ex-P&G branding expert and a former political activist, Scott Seidewitz has built a career on challenging the conventional wisdom. Drawing from a deep understanding of marketing best practices, he specializes in showing how conventional approaches to market research can stifle innovation and growth in today’s fast-paced business environment. He is an evangelist for overcoming this problem by applying the scientific method to marketing and advanced management principles to market research. His work was awarded with a National Citation of Excellence from the American Advertising Federation, and his clients include major technology and health care companies like Merck, Intel, Boston Scientific, Align Technology (makers of Invisalign), AliBaba and Intuit.

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