Bohumil Pokstefl

Position: CEO

Company: Kontentino

Country: Slovakia


Building a great team behind Kontentino and his passion for social media marketing landed him a place in the Forbes 30 under 30 list. As the CEO of Kontentino, Bohumil makes sure that his team builds a social media tool that is actually useful for marketing teams. Kontentino is improving the workflow and trust between ad agencies and their clients when managing organic or paid social media content.

It is currently used by more than 5000 agencies and brands such as IKEA, BBDO, ASAHI, or Ogilvy.


How Brands Should Not Collaborate With Creators and Influencers?

The expansion of the creator economy has brought a lot of challenges. Now the brands have to adapt to new forms of collaborations, making them search for ways to master their campaigns. This presentation is going to make you rethink your approach to collaborations with content creators & influencers and give you advice on which steps to avoid along the way. Bohumil will provide you with more insight into how to streamline communication with creators and get the maximum out of your collaboration.

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# Influencers
# Collaboration

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