Bernard Zitzer

Position: Search Experience Consultant

Company: Bernard Zitzer

Country: Germany


Bernard Zitzer is a Berlin-based Inbound Marketer specialized in Search eXperience Optimization (SXO), the necessary evolution of Search Engine Optimization. In 2019 he founded a small but highly specialized boutique agency called pulll. that is consulting only a few clients on in regards to Content and SXO with a highly proactive and effective approach. As a result all of his clients have become market leaders in organic traffic of their field. He’s a known speaker in the German SEO community, a lecturer at multiple institutions, a publisher in online magazines and overall laid back guy to be around with. Having founded and sold multiple successful brands in the past, entrepreneurship and online business models are his other two big topics of interest.


Owning the B2B SAAS Market – How to Become an Organic Visibility Leader

If you’re not already traffic leader of your market, you need to know what your competitors are doing right and wrong to become one! In this talk Bernard will guide you through the steps of how to first catch up with your competitors and then how to overtake them successfully. Bernard will show the steps his company took, methods they have used and processes they have established to use Google as an automated traffic machine bringing our content in front of relevant users and therefore creating not only major brand awareness but also qualified leads. Be excited to see a lively presentation and a real client case at the core of SEO, Content Strategy and CRO.

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# Competitor Analysis
# Content Strategy
# B2B Marketing

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