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[April 26-29, 2021 | Online Free Attendance]

Aurimas Paulius Girčys

Position: Founder, CEO & certified Google Trainer

Company: APG MEDIA

Country: Lithuania


Aurimas Paulius Girčys is a founder and CEO ant APG MEDIA – digital marketing agency, which help e-shops sell more in European and Global markets. Aurimas is a certified Google Trainer, teaching Google Analytics and Google Ads topics at Digital Academy. Aurimas also teaches the subject of E-commerce at ISM University of Management and Economics. Aurimas leads a fast growing team of professionals, thus he is always openly looking for new talents.


How to Generate Leads and Grow Sales With Google Ads?

In this workshop you will learn and update yourself with the newest Google features and will go from checking the best practices, hands-on examples to setting up Google ads. Be sure that you will be suggested on the best implementation strategies and hacks for fast results to sell and drive conversions.


  • Part 1: Overview of Google Ads possibilities:
    • Google Ads Search Campaigns
    • Google Ads Display Campaigns
    • Google Ads Video Campaigns
  • Part 2: Tracking conversions:
    • Importing Analytics conversions
    • Tracking Google Ads conversions via Google Tag Manager
    • Attribution modeling
  • Part 3: Google Custom Audiences:
    • Custom Intent Audiences
    • Custom Affinity Audiences
    • Google In-Market Audiences
  • Part 4: Google Ads Dynamic elements:
    • Dynamic Search Ads
    • Google Ads customisers
  • Part 5: Paying for conversions:
    • Efficient Display Campaigns
    • Smart Bidding


The main objective of this workshop is to introduce participants with most up-to date features of Google and focus on how to utilize them to drive leads and sales on-line.

[Target audience]

People interested in learning the most recent Google ads strategies, tactical applications and even hacks. Most of the features will be usually overlooked by your competition, thus they will be a great starting point for businesses, which want to drive sales online.

[Technical requirements]


  • Working browser and Google Ands + Analytics Account. Ideally, having a website with installed Google Tag Manager and rights to Publish a container.

Technical knowledge:

  • Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager.

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