Anuj Adhiya

Position: VP of Growth

Company: Sophya

Country: US


Anuj Adhiya is the the author of ‘Growth Hacking for Dummies’ (Wiley & Sons, April ’20).
He is also VP of Growth at Sophya where he’s helping define the future of work. 

Additionally, he’s a Growth Mentor at First Round Fast Track, Seedstars and Marketing Specialist at Harvard Innovation Labs. In all of these roles helps startups uncover their best growth opportunities and solve early growth challenges.

Before this he was the Category Growth Lead at The Predictive Index where he owned the site that successfully launched the talent optimization category. He was also the Director of Engagement and Analytics at GrowthHackers where he grew the world’s largest growth community working directly with Sean Ellis, the godfather of growth hacking.


The Critical Variable for Growth You’re Not Optimizing: The Growth Lead

Just as having the wrong CEO can impact a company’s ability to hit its business goals, someone who doesn’t have lacks the right
characteristics to lead growth similarly won’t be able to execute a growth process effectively.

This is important because when it comes to how we act at work, we all have traits and habits, different ways we think, and how we react to situations.

For the first time, there is now data from my research on work style patterns of great growth leads and what that means for the effectiveness of your growth program.

Takeaway 1: Common behavioral patterns of growth leads
Takeaway 2: Workstyle characteristics of growth leads (strengths & cautions)
Takeaway 3: Strategic priorities of growth leads & their impact on the rest of the team

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