[March 28-29, Online Edition]

Get to know Hosts

[Expert moderators for a seamless conference experience]

Get to know the talented professionals who will be hosting the conference

We are excited to announce that the conference will be hosted by a team of talented and experienced professionals who are well-known in the industry. Our conference hosts include famous podcast hosts, book authors, digital marketing experts, social media influencers, and keynote or international conference speakers.

These hosts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table and are committed to helping attendees get the most out of the event. As the hosts of the conference, they will be available to answer questions, provide guidance, and enhance your engagement.

Maria Monique Murillo

Expert in Branding, Strategic Communications, Podcast Host

Resa Gooding


Partner Engagement Manager, Book Author

Sahar Dolev – Blitental


VP Marketing, Podcast Host

Clarice Lin


Founder, Top Social Media Influencer

Katie Stoddart

The Focus Bee AB

Founder & CEO, Podcast Host

Darren Elmy

Esports Broadcaster, Content Creator